Termite Control

Termite Control

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Termite Damage - Call A Amendt Pest Control to eliminate costly damage to your homeTermites can be one of the most costly and destructive pests in your home or commercial property. Estimates of the damage caused by termites in the United States approach 30 billion dollars annually. In our geographical area, subterranean termites cause most of the structural damage to buildings. The colony lives in the ground from which worker termites invade structures seeking wood as a source of food for members of the colony. An average colony numbers 60,000 individuals, with well-established colonies having as many as a quarter of a million insects.

Amendt Pest Control will provide specialized treatment of your structure to eliminate the termite infestation and prevent reinvasion. We offer two types of treatments or a combination of the two, depending on conditions found during our inspection.

Standard TreatmentWe will design a specific treatment plan utilizing a liquid soil treatment to kill the existing termites and provide protection against future reinvasion. For this treatment, we utilize a product called Termidor, manufactured by BASF. It is EPA-approved and considered one of the most effective termiticides available on the professional market today. Our work is guaranteed to solve your problem.

Termite Baiting ProgramIf requested by the client, we will install a termite baiting program. This approach may be used as a stand-alone program or in addition to our standard Termidor treatment plan. A termite baiting program includes the installation of in-ground and/or above-ground bait stations designed to attract termites into them. Once they feed on the bait, a chemical disrupts their ability to molt, thus eliminating the colony. This type of program can only be used in specific situations. We do not consider it appropriate in most termite infestations.

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